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Why Customer Service Is More Important Than Ever

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As a result of COVID-19, customer service needs have skyrocketed in the past year. With more customers shopping online, call centers experienced higher-than-average call volumes, and many contact centers were overwhelmed. This meant a real-time shift in how many businesses approached the art of customer experience. Seeing as so many individuals depend on quality contact center interactions to secure products, medications, and services, your customer service department must pivot to address shifting needs.

Between tracking your data analytics more closely to revamping the user experience for internet users, you must do your utmost to prioritize customer service efforts. Here’s how to do so.

Adjust your call center software to meet increased demand.


Your contact center software is part of the foundation of your approach to the customer experience. However, many call centers still use outdated accounts and models that don’t pass modern usability test scenarios. While there are numerous software tools for user testing, it’s often easier to find a call center software platform that offers enhanced usability from the start. That way, you can save some user testing tools for your mobile apps, CRM, and social media platforms. That being said, you must find the right features for a contact center software platform.

First, you want to look for a streamlined user experience. Many call center software platforms offer a free trial period. That way, you can test the usability of the call center for yourself. Consider different internet users during this step. Optimize for use through a smartphone, mobile device, or social media chat option. Second, look for advanced features such as CRM or Salesforce integration, IVR technology, and live chat integration. These integrations will benefit your service team while raising customer satisfaction. Last, look for automation options. For new users, this can lead to an exceptional customer experience and potentially boost conversion rates. A CRM contact center can also help you navigate an increased customer interaction level due to the coronavirus.

Rethink each point of customer interaction.


Like most businesses, you probably use an omnichannel approach to customer service. That means that you’re not solely reliant upon call center software for success. In fact, it’s important to view every chat channel, website click, and dashboard visit as part of the full customer journey, especially for new users. That means that each point of contact needs to be streamlined and optimized for the ideal experience. For this to work, you’re going to want to consider a real user’s actions and use cases. By analyzing user behavior, you can conduct remote usability tests for website visitors, optimize your social networks, and respond to user needs more capably. This benefits your conversion funnel greatly.

Since internet usage has increased, you might want to find a platform that allows for unlimited tests. It would help if you also used Google Analytics or another usability testing tool to adjust customer behavior. With the surge in digital traffic, you need to make quick changes in near real-time to provide a heightened level of customer support. When you adjust your tactics to work for omnichannel routing to each communication channel, you’re creating a more cohesive way of addressing customer needs. It helps you collect customer data easily and grow a small business to scale alongside needs and demand. Combined with heightened ease of use, you have a combination that can attract new conversions at a greater rate.

Look toward the future.

It’s more than likely that COVID-19’s impact has fundamentally changed how many brands do business. While these changes to your customer service plan might seem great, they’re liable to benefit you for years to come as you address a changing business landscape. With the right tools and key features, it’s simpler for brands to continue to address ongoing customer needs and expectations.

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