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Post COVID Tips for Opening a New Restaurant

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Restaurants and bars have suffered some of the greatest impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, with many shutting their doors with uncertainty as to when they will reopen, and others are simply not making their way back.

However, as Coronavirus restrictions are now starting to loosen across the United States, there is hope for an economic resurgence, even within the restaurant and hospitality industry. It is possible for aspiring restaurateurs to make their dreams happen, even amid the COVID-19 uncertainty. Here are some tips for opening a new restaurant post-COVID-19.


Design your desired kitchen.

With restrictions currently in place for some states regarding indoor dining, many functioning and forthcoming restaurants have used the limits to takeout and delivery as a chance to revamp their venues.

Kitchen Distributors have taken fine design from several global inspirations to help them create modern options for the traditional kitchen. Get inspired by Denver’s leading experts on kitchen design with cutting-edge ideas in their showroom. Kitchen Distributors has teamed up with German modern kitchen brand Bulthaup to bring designs rooted in tradition and devoted to innovation to the United States. Their countertops, appliances, and even cabinet designs deliver what every restaurant no matter how big or small seeks: uniqueness in the marketplace.

Renovation throughout your restaurant-to-be can be entrusted to professionals, regardless of the type of business and cuisine you will operate.

Separate Storage

Outdoor dining has become the popular option during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the occupancy limit indoors, as diners took in the summer months with a little bit of extra safety in knowing they were eating out but not in an enclosed space.

However, the colder months leave restaurants looking for what to do with all of that outdoor furniture. Self storage for business is a good option for any retail business in need of additional space. Self-storage facilities are available with 24-hour access that makes transporting any material from the restaurant to the self-storage unit that much easier.

Small business owners who either deal with inventory or require a workspace never seem to have enough extra space for equipment or supplies. Instead of renting out expensive commercial storage units to store materials, a self-storage is a budget-friendly option that doesn’t hurt your bottom line.

If you’re working with larger furniture, heating lamps, and huge appliances, it’s wise to look into renting from a storage facility that eases the burden of finding a location to store your assets. Self-storage units also provide quick and affordable access at any time, when you may feel ready to put more tables outside as the weather gets warmer.


Getting your staff to look their best.

It’s very important to prepare your staff for when the doors open for just about anything that can arise in a new restaurant, but it’s just as important to have your crew representing your business proudly. In terms of uniform, restaurant owners should think of business casual for women and men with a dress code that promotes a classy look. It’s also important to remember that your staff will be constantly on the move so comfortable uniforms are imperative.

Neutrals are also a good idea for a work wardrobe. When it comes to blouses, dress pants, and button-down shirts, it can be alluring for your staff to have a pop of color that makes them stand out among the crowd. Incorporate scarves, blazers, and cardigans that show off the restaurant’s personality, while keeping casual wear and customer service at the forefront.

Strays away from traditional business attire by adding just a few embellishments that can overtake what people think when they see a restaurant’s crew. Additional tasteful jewelry adds even more personality and involvement for workers that will make them feel good while looking their best at work.

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