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How to Vlog With Your Dog

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Vlogs are video logs. Vloggers record short video clips they post on their websites or social media accounts. The first vlog was uploaded in 2000, and 21 years later, vlogging remains popular, with 1 billion users uploading and watching vlogs every day.

Vlogging with your dog is a great way to raise your dog’s profile and turn your pooch into a pet influencer. Successful pet influencers, such as Jiffpom and Jax the Husky, boast millions of followers and generate revenue through merchandise sales and product endorsements. Learning how to vlog with your dog is a great way to turn your cherished pet into a pro influencer.

Choose a name.


No matter what you call your pooch in private, you may want to choose a different name for their vlogging profile for several reasons. Their name may not be catchy. For example, one of the most successful pet influencers was Grumpy Cat. His actual name was Tardar Sauce, but using Grumpy Cat as a stage name emphasized his expression and made him famous around the globe. A catchy, memorable name that suits your pup’s personality can help build their following.

Additionally, using a stage name is a great security measure. Your dog will be less likely to go to strangers if your pup only responds to their real name.

Establish a focus.


Perhaps you want to emphasize your relationship with your dog. If you have a therapy dog, this could be a great way to promote awareness about therapy dogs and their work. You could also plan to highlight your pup’s playful nature with entertaining video clips showing your dog performing tricks. Your pup’s stage name and focus will affect your vlogging brand, so it’s a good idea to think these things through before you get started.

Buy or rent equipment.


Rent pro equipment, including a mirrorless camera and accessories, such as tripods and lights. Renting is an excellent way for beginners to sample different camera models and determine the best camera for their needs. A mirrorless camera is an excellent option for vloggers because these cameras have a lighter camera body than digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras but offer comparable image quality. You can try different camera brands, including Nikon, Panasonic, Canon, and Sony cameras.

It’s easy to change lenses with a mirrorless camera, enabling you to take wide-angle or close-up footage. Mirrorless cameras offer image stabilization, ensuring your images are crisp and clear. Mirrorless cameras have touchscreens, making them easy to operate. While you can use a smartphone camera, the ability to swap out lenses and capture great images when filming in low light ensures superior image quality, making it worthwhile to rent pro equipment before buying your first camera.

You may also opt to create a setting where you produce your vlogs. A designated set is where you can set up lighting equipment, backdrops, and props you’ll feature in your vlogs. You won’t have to worry about the weather disrupting your ability to film but will be limited by the available space.

Choose a platform.


You may opt to upload your images on your website, retaining complete control over those images. One advantage is you can prevent comments and promote your merchandise on the same site.

You can also use social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok, to build your vlogging profile. Instagram and TikTok have billions of users worldwide, enabling you to generate a large following and use those sites to raise your pup’s profile, which can lead to product endorsement opportunities.

Create content and start networking.

You may need to spend some time training your dog before you start videoing to ensure you can capture the video footage you’re after. Once your dog’s comfortable in front of the camera, start recording. You might plan scripts and use editing software to combine clips to create funny, educational, or entertaining videos.

Building a following involves networking. Check out other dog influencers, follow them, and like and comment on their posts. Many vloggers reciprocate by checking out your feed and engaging with your content. This can help you build your follower count as you establishing your vlogging platform.

Vlogging with your dog can be a fun way to record your adventures with your pet or turn your dog into a social media influencer. No matter what your long-term goals are, choosing a stage name, establishing a focus, and acquiring the equipment you need will ensure you’re ready to start vlogging with your dog. You’ll also need to choose a platform for hosting your videos, create content, and network with other vloggers.

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