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How To Use A Marimekko Chart In Your Business

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There is no doubt that Marimekko charts are a powerful data visualization tool used in a business setting. But what are Marimekko charts, and why are they so effective?

A Marimekko chart is a graphical representation of data to see how positive and negative values contribute to the overall total. It is often used to visualize financial data, as it can easily show how profits and losses are distributed over time.

What is a Marimekko chart?


So, what is a Marimekko chart? A Marimekko chart can be a potent tool for your business. It can help you visualize your data in a way that is easy to understand and can help you make better decisions. To create a Marimekko chart, you first need to gather some data. The data can be anything from sales figures to customer satisfaction ratings. Once you have your data, you need to create a table with two columns. The first column will list the data points, and the second column will list the corresponding values.

Once you have your table, you can create your chart. To create a Marimekko chart, you will need to create a series of rectangles. The values will determine the size and shape of the rectangles in the second column of your table. Your software or visualization tool will fill the rectangles with a color corresponding to the data point. You can then use your chart to visualize your data and make decisions based on what you see with business process management insights.

Choose the right Marimekko chart type for your data.

A Marimekko chart can easily display data in a three-dimensional way. It is similar to a bar chart, but the bars are arranged in columns instead of rows. This type of chart is most effective when comparing proportions or percentages.

There are three main types of Marimekko charts:

– Stacked Marimekko chart: This type of chart displays the total value of all the bars in each category. It is best used to compare the totals of different groups.
– Clustered Marimekko chart: This type of chart displays the value of each bar as a percentage of the total value. It is best used to compare the proportions of different groups.
– Horizontal Marimekko chart: This type of chart displays the data horizontally, making it easy to compare values across different categories.

Marimekko charts empower data visualization efforts.

The beauty of a Marimekko chart is that it is easy to understand at a glance. It can quickly show you how different values contribute to the whole, making it easy to track changes over time. This makes it an excellent tool for business owners who need to understand financial data quickly.

If you are looking for a powerful data visualization technology platform that can help you understand financial data, then a Marimekko chart is your tool.

Use the right charts in your business.


This type of chart is perfect for business because you can use it to visualize data about anything from sales to customer satisfaction. And because it’s so easy to read, it’s perfect for presenting data to stakeholders. There are a few things to keep in mind when creating Marimekko charts for business. First, make sure you have enough data to make the chart meaningful. Second, make sure that the colors you choose are easy to distinguish from each other.

And finally, always keep the audience in mind. Marimekko charts can be a little overwhelming for people who aren’t used to data visualization, so explain the chart in detail. With a little practice, you’ll be able to create Marimekko charts that are both informative and easy to read. And that will help you make better decisions for your business.

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