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How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Company


Web hosts can be inherently detrimental to some of the features that you might require from your website. Here at Digital Tips, we’re trying to make that process a bit more smooth.  Planning ahead and inquiring if your web host offers the following features, can be cost effective and ensure that one doesn’t get stuck with yearlong bad service.

Selecting a Proper Website Host Like a Champ

1: Analyzing log files.

Inquire your providers as to how do they tend to analyze the log files and generate statistical reports. Generally most providers prefer the Webalizer, it is entirely possible that your provider might be using something else completely. You might also want to check if you can use your own tools to import and analyze the log files and statistics.

2: Email management systems and their support.

Make sure that you are aware of the email management system that your provider is going to offer you. Currently all of the web hosts offer the service but some might be able to offer advanced features like junk mail filters or virus protection. Learn how many separate mailboxes you are permitted to create. This can be really useful if you plan to offer a large range of uniquely branded products and require a separate mailbox for each product.

3: FTP access.

Being allowed to have more than one FTP access can allow the website owner to sublet the management of the website to someone professional, without ever having to disclose any confidential information. This could be a very lucrative feature for someone that is unfamiliar with the technical aspects of a website.

4: Integrated publishing platforms, MYSQL, PHP, PERL support.

Verify that your web host can completely support MYSQL, PHP, and PERL. These are of utmost importance if you wish to successfully run a professional business website which requires advanced customization and scripting. Similarly, the presence of a publishing platform like WordPress or Movable Type, can be time saving and saves you the trouble of creating one yourself. If the provider provides such platforms pre-installed, you may be able to receive support for them.

5: Does the web host offer SSL?

SSL is basically an internet protocol that enhances the security of information transmitted over the internet. If you plan to be running a E-Commerce facility on your website, SSL might just be the difference between a reluctant customer and a customer who just made a purchase on the website. SSL ensures that the sensitive information submitted by the customers is safely and securely delivered to you only. If your web host does NOT provide such services the only way for you to be able to collect payments is via a third party service like PayPal, ClickBank or Google Checkouts.

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