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How To Build a Contractor Website

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Websites are web pages grouped under a domain name. The domain name may be a company name, a person’s name, or a reference to the site’s subject matter.

Businesses must have a website. Most consumers perform online research before making decisions about who to hire or what products to buy. A professional website can also establish your credibility. Contractors planning a website can employ these strategies to produce a professional site that will attract clients.

Make a list of critical information for your site.

Establish the critical information your site should include. Try to imagine your website from the perspective of a homeowner. Consider what data they need before they hire your company. Your site should identify the type of work your company performs and provide potential clients with other crucial information, including client testimonials and contact information.

Your site should also provide specific details about your services. Whether you run a construction company, work as a plumber, or have a roof and siding installation company, your website design should highlight your company’s services and how to hire you.

For example, a roofing company will prioritize identifying the roofing services they provide. Outline the procedure for obtaining an estimate for a new roof. Your roofing company website may also list information about the types of shingles you use. If you also install sidings, windows, and doors, your site should also present these service options and provide relevant data about the types of siding, windows, and doors you supply. You may also provide information about the contractors who work for your company and their credentials.

Although it isn’t your job to design your site, it’s helpful to review other contractor websites to get a sense of the features you like and the content your site should contain. This way, you’ll be confident your web designer’s doing a great job producing a site that will attract clients and generate customers.

Hire expert designers who’ve developed sites for other contractors.


Website design experts can customize a web design to suit your business needs and personal taste. Web developers understand how color and font choices can affect your site’s accessibility. They’re also familiar with applicable regulations and will ensure that your site includes a privacy policy.

Hiring a web developer who’s had experience developing sites for other contractors is a good idea. As a business owner, your objective is to feature a contractor website that has pertinent information presented in a sensible layout. You may be aware your site should include testimonials and contact information. Still, a web developer with relevant industry experience may think of other features your site could include that would appeal to potential clients, such as instructional videos or slideshows highlighting work your team has done. Google “contractor website design” to find professional web designers with experience developing contractor sites to secure a web developer who will ensure your site is optimized to appeal to homeowners. Your web developer will also ensure your site’s optimized for all potential display formats, including smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Have your website designer collaborate with marketing experts.

You may be able to hire website design experts who integrate marketing strategies into their site design. Ensure your site design incorporates search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategies, and hire an SEO marketing advisor if your web developer doesn’t have SEO experience. SEO marketing attracts organic traffic to your website by raising your site’s domain rating (DR) score. Sites with high DR scores are listed first when people perform relevant searches online. Consumers are most likely to visit sites listed on the first page of search engine results, making your DR score crucial.

Your web developer should ensure your site is easy to navigate and create or present content that incorporates relevant keywords. Generating backlinks to your site from other reputable websites or social media sites will also boost your DR score. Site engagement is also crucial. Presenting slideshows and videos that keep visitors engaged on your site will boost your DR score by lowering your bounce rate, which refers to the number of visitors who leave your site without reviewing content.

Contractors who need a website should take time to review other sites and consider the type of information they want to feature on their site. Hiring expert web developers with experience building sites for contractors will ensure the site’s design is compelling and relevant to your industry. You should also hire a web developer with SEO marketing experience or an SEO marketing expert who can strategize with your developer to ensure your site has a high DR score.

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