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How Modern Call Centers Benefit the Medical Community

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Call centers are usually the first point of contact for customers when they contact a business. These centers act as an information trove for those seeking either question to be answered about the company and a host of other topics. In many cases people don’t want to simply receive a call recording, monotonously droning on about what numbers to push. They’d rather have a live person to deal with in real-time or a combination of a live contact center rep and automated system. Having a call system on site for a business is a great way to help keep a business moving steadily forward.

Many industries already utilize call centers as an effective way of doing business. Business process outsourcing (payroll, and human resources), healthcare, financial services, consulting services, and other business services all utilize contact centers for their businesses. For each of these companies, call centers have helped to achieve business efficiency, greater sales, and increased customer satisfaction. Nowhere is this seen more than in the medical care community. Though this industry is not as sales-oriented as many other businesses, the medical industry can still utilize the service which their contact centers provide. What we’ll focus on today is how modern call centers help to benefit the medical community.

Filtering Calls


For any business, one effective way which customer centers can help is by filtering calls. These allow an organization to parse out the importance of phone calls, helping to get people to where they need to be. This is nowhere more needed than with a medical organization or business. When you are dealing with medical-related matters, time is of the essence. Utilizing technology like Oracle call center software can do a great job with getting callers to where they need to be, in a timely and effective way. You want your contact center to be able to filter calls based on their level of importance.

Let’s say you have someone calling a cognitive behavior therapy center to check on the billing status of a recent invoice. The contact center caller just wants to know how much they have to pay for a recent behavior therapy visit with a clinician. On the other hand, you let’s say you have a caller who is experiencing a behavior therapy crisis.

They need the immediate help of a clinician with their cognitive behavior therapy situation. With a well-functioning call center, a representative will be able to get the caller to the right clinician. That clinical expert will be able to help the person from this point to deal with matters pertaining to anxiety disorder, negative thought, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorders, schizophrenia, cognitive therapy, and psychotherapy. After you route the call to the correct clinician, they’ll be able to get the caller on a treatment plan in no time. Filtering different calls is a great resource that an Oracle contact center anywhere can provide.

Health Assessments

An Oracle contact center anywhere in the United States can also help medical centers to provide health assessments. Once a person calls a medical center requesting help, a health assessment or behavior analysis needs to take place. Utilizing such call center technology as Oracle contact center software to route a caller to the correct department, a licensed professional can then begin to put together a health assessment for the caller.

For example, maybe the person providing the health assessment after hearing from the caller determines that cognitive behavioral therapy anxiety is needed. Clinician specialists in areas like cognitive therapy for depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, schizophrenia, social anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorders can put together a treatment plan for a caller after completing a health assessment.

Extended Call Contact Hours


Sometimes medical emergencies happen during times where most businesses might be closed. When you have a contact center though, the hours of such facilities can be extended. For example, many medical businesses which are open on the weekends offer extended weekend hours. This can be a huge thing for someone seeking autism treatment or treatment with ADHD for their young children or adolescents outside of normal business hours.

Families of children who are dealing with such an issue will probably see such additional hours as a Godsend if their young children need immediate attention from a clinician by way of phone. These are children who might be dealing with such issues as depression, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, social anxiety disorder, poor social skills, and obsessive-compulsive disorders. There’s a constant need to help improve the quality of life with children like these, and a business being closed doesn’t help that. With technology like Oracle contact center technology allowing extended contact center hours, the medical community can help those individual needs.

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