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How Different Industries Use Project Management

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Project management is becoming more and more important as workforces continue to function remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. COVID-19 has led to the hiring of more project managers to ensure that communication lines stay clear as different departments work together from different time zones and areas, heading to Zoom and other video conferencing tools rather than the boardroom or meeting space to discuss their projects. As such, industries of all shapes, sizes, and focuses may find that they need to hire a project manager in order to maintain their existing workflow. Read on for a few different ways that industries are using project managers with PMP certificates or PMI certificates in order to stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

How do non-profit organizations benefit from project managers?


Project managers may have come to popularity thanks to the world of corporate tech; however, it’s just important to have a project management professional in the world of non-profit work as well. Various charitable organizations often have to stretch their resources further than larger businesses, so having someone on staff who can manage projects can be critical to accomplishing as much as possible as a nonprofit. After all, while you may understand how to start a nonprofit for rescuing animals, in order to successfully manage various animal rescue tasks and duties, it’s crucial to have a project management professional (PMP) to keep all of the plates spinning.

If you’re currently running a nonprofit without a qualified project manager, it may be worth looking into various instructors and courses nearby that you can send an employee to, so that they can build the skills necessary to pass the PMP exam or PMI exam. It’s best to find a local option if you’re going to be having someone who already works on your animal rescue nonprofit take on these extra PMP responsibilities for your nonprofit organization. So, if your animal rescue facility is located in San Antonio, consider looking into PMP certification in San Antonio or a nearby city in order to ensure that your nonprofit organization stays on track and achieves its goals.

How do commercial enterprises benefit from project management?


While a nonprofit organization like an animal shelter or animal rescue facility serving various types of animals can certainly benefit from the work of someone who’s passed exams from the Project Management Institute and has their PMP certificate, it’s just important to find a project manager in the corporate or commercial world, too. While nonprofits have to focus on fundraising and cultivating a board of directors and donors, commercial businesses need to generate revenue, which generally involves a few different tasks coming together in tandem. Thus, the work of a project manager can be just as critical in ensuring that a commercial business succeeds as it is to a nonprofit such as an animal shelter.

For example, if you’re a jewelry company, you may be gearing up for engagement season by figuring out the best way to market your existing stock of engagement rings. As part of this campaign, you may decide to run a marketing campaign answering the question “Why choose a lab diamond?” Creating this sort of marketing campaign likely requires working with a few different participants from your company in order to be pulled off without a hitch. Whether that means talking to your jewelers to learn what the differences are between a synthetic diamond and a real diamond or working with your creative department to come up with copy and imagery for the ads, you’ll need someone managing each step of the process before you move on to the next step. You may even want to work with your IT or web department to ensure that you’re following best practices for using social media or email newsletters. All of these tasks are best managed by a project manager to ensure that every deliverable route on time and to the right department.

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