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5 Strategies for Marketing Your CBD Company Online

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Across the United States, significant stores, retail outlets, and wellness shops continue to stock popular CBD products. These CBD products sell incredibly well, and you’ve probably even seen them in your local grocery store. So as the CBD, hemp, and cannabis industry markets continue to expand, it only makes sense that more entrepreneurs want to get involved.

That’s why it’s so vital to research and implement effective CBD marketing solutions and tactics throughout a growing business. The right services and products can empower you with growth marketing tactics that help place your CBD in front of as many customers as possible. To learn more about effective CBD marketing tactics and strategies, here’s what you need to know.

1. Work with a qualified insurance company.


If you want to connect to as many customers as possible, you must work with the right cannabis insurance solutions. Since cannabidiol startup companies have higher risks, you want to choose insurance policies that work for hemp industry brands. When you need the best coverage possible, it’s practical to look for business income insurance, general liability insurance, and cannabis insurance. A cannabis insurance program can recommend all the appropriate cannabis insurance solutions that you might need to protect a CBD or cannabis business you’re marketing.

2. Differentiate your brand.

Growers, cultivators, distributors, and retailers all need to find ways to distribute their product lines and stand out in a crowded market. Especially since CBD is generally legal for recreational use, the market is more saturated than ever, and it’s poised to continue expanding. Whether your products offer different benefits or mitigate unpleasant side effects, you need to find what makes your line unique and capitalize on that. Otherwise, it’ll be harder to get your customers to attach to your products.

3. Use more innovative social media strategies.

For the CBD and marijuana industry, marketing and advertising are touchy subjects. The FDA strongly regulates what businesses can and cannot say about their products. For instance, if you run a recreational CBD brand, you can’t promote your product as a treatment, cure, or medical therapy. In addition, the FDA doesn’t currently approve any medications or products that contain CBD or marijuana, so when you’re on social media channels, you need to be strategic about how you post and interact with customers. Otherwise, your social media channels are more of professional liability.

4. Use a growth marketing service.


Brands like Ascenial help startup businesses and marketplace brands expand their influence and reach customers. With marketing services, it’s easier for cannabis companies and CBD retail operations to connect with customers and leverage third-party services to make critical marketing decisions. This helps businesses stay more informed about current marijuana industry conditions and helps ensure that these brands can respond and adapt if and when regulations shift. For example, as the United States moves towards general legalization, it’s liable that the country will ease marketing restrictions in the future. The right services can help you match these looming challenges.

5. Focus on SEO

Currently, not as many CBD brands effectively use SEO to connect with target audience members. While you’ll come across brands that use SEO, it’s often not adequately executed, diminishing its efficacy. As a result, you must focus your brand efforts on SEO education and deployment for all of your products and services. These days, no matter your role within a business, you should have at least a passing knowledge of how SEO impacts lead generation, brand awareness, and marketing.

Whether you’re partnering with a marketing agency that has years of experience or you’re taking the time to find a cannabis insurance solution to maintain regulatory compliance and liability coverage, you must use the right resources and tools to market your brand.

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