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4 Ways to Improve Customer Interactions

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These days, your customer interactions are critical to success. With brand loyalty becoming more and more elusive, you have to go the extra mile to ensure that your customers are happy. It can make the maximum difference between success and failure. Whether you’re using surveys to see how respondents feel about your brand, or you’re incorporating new software to enhance transactions or your knowledge base, you have to be on a path toward continuous improvement.

Your customer interactions are paramount. If you need to improve your customer relations and you’re not sure where to start, here are some essential tips.

Use a MaxDiff analysis.


MaxDiff (also known as best-worst) analyzes survey data that can provide greater insights into consumer behavior. MaxDiff/best-worst scaling revolves around asking survey respondents to indicate the best and worst options in a set. These are often referred to as MaxDiff questions. A MaxDiff question may include a list of items, a ranking of attributes, or a segment of product features. Using a MaxDiff survey integration can help you leverage customer data in a more insightful way. When MaxDiff leverages the experimental design, the insights offer a relative ranking for different segments.

This is a great way to see what does and doesn’t work within a business. It also provides action items that can take the customer journey to the next level. While it doesn’t necessarily happen in real-time, it’s still beneficial to use MaxDiff and MaxDiff data throughout your business.

Streamline your pricing.

If you’re tired of handling piles of invoices and configuring custom pricing based on the client, it’s time for you to integrate CPQ software. CPQ (configure, price quote) is a method of boosting quoting process efficiency, which can easily impact customer satisfaction. Many businesses, manufacturing companies, and service providers in the United States rely on Configure One CPQ software (found at configureone.com) to enhance the production process and leverage item data for on-the-fly adjustments to product pricing offers. A CPQ application can also produce quote documents and often comes with added pricing functions. Some CPQ software can be tailored to your specifications, so it’s good to find a brand that offers a great tool and has a solid market share.

Invest in continued education.


Continued professional education (CPE) is the cornerstone of most business advancements. Even if you have a decade of experience in your field, you can’t rely on your existing business systems and network services forever. You need to be able to grow alongside your market. Otherwise, you risk falling behind the competition. Many brands leverage CPE solutions to meet required compliance metrics, enhance organizational knowledge bases, and connect advanced concepts within their business world. Since CPE can provide actionable data, it’s a great tool for any brand that wants to be seen as a thought leader amongst consumers.

Modernize all your systems.

Whether you’re in the manufacturing industry or offer network services and business systems, you need to ensure your products and services meet modern customer demands. The differentiation between modern and legacy businesses is more visible than ever. The number of times a customer will choose modern, complex systems over outdated brand preferences is higher than you’d think. You want your systems to offer lots of functionalities and custom solutions for different industrial sectors. You also want to use your own branding throughout your business model.

Whether you’re investing in a product configurator for your new sales people, leveraging MaxDiff resources, or you’re conducting marketing research, there are steps you can take to improve customer interactions on a large scale. Customer feedback can contain importance scores, so you must listen to the customer’s voice and apply it.

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