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3 Ways to Make a Good First Impression on Customers

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Most people tend to be skeptical of sales representatives. Because of this, a salesperson needs to build trust with their potential customer. The best way to build this trust is by making a good first impression. Studies show that we make up our minds about another person within the initial 30 seconds of meeting them or speaking to them. Most times this first impression has a lasting effect, one that is hard to change.

A bad first impression will make it very difficult for you to sell anything to your potential customer, regardless of how good your product knowledge or sales pitch is. To have better selling prospects, keep reading as we explore three things you can do to win a customer’s trust, and leave a lasting impression that earns you an easy sell.

1. Presentation Is Everything


If you work in direct sales, your direct sales company will typically provide you with a business starter kit with company products and samples that you can use to demonstrate to your clients. Some of these marketing tools may include catalogs, brochures, promotional pens, and business cards—to mention a few. Using high-quality custom pocket folders branded with your company logo is a great way to present yourself to a potential client while projecting an air of professionalism.

Personalized presentation folders related to your project can also be a great marketing giveaway package because not only does it ensure that your potential customers stay organized, but it also allows them to store these important documents that they are likely to acquire from their initial meeting with you. These can include company brochures, business cards, testimonials, product catalogs, and a company portfolio.

2. Be Curious

A good example of smart customer service relations is pawTree. This is a pet direct sales company that sells high-quality pet care products such as pet food, pet treats, and pet nutrition supplements—to mention a few. pawTree’s business model is one that offers direct sales opportunities to pet lovers and animal lovers alike. Their direct sales representatives are called petPros and they are stationed in all of the 50 states. Knowing this, their potential customers are more likely to be pet lovers and pet owners themselves.

A petPro trying to land a new customer should be willing to listen to the potential customer’s needs, instead of just bombarding them with a sales pitch. Asking questions about your potential customer could be a great way to find out what their specific needs are, and give you, as a petPro, the information you need. Asking questions is also a great way to make sure that you are recommending/pitching a pawTree pet product that they—the customer—have an actual use for. This way you have a better chance of turning a pitch into a direct sale because you are helping your customer address a problem and find a solution.

3. Follow Up


A great way for pet direct sales companies to make sure they stay fresh on their potential customers’ minds is to make a habit of regularly checking in and following up on pet owners they recently engaged with. Having your direct sales agents or petPros ask how these potential customer’s pet(s) liked pawTree pet food or other pet care products that you shared with them can be a great way to get the conversation going.

Sending out an e-newsletter can be a great way to help you get stay-in-touch will potential buyers, just make sure that you do not annoy your potential customers. E-newsletters are also a great way to let pet lovers know about new products and company offers on product sales.

While they may not always sign on as buyers right away, an email newsletter can be a great way to stay in touch with potential customers.

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